In response to our client´s feedback the GOBIO/TECO team invites to a webinar adressing user´s questions concerning scientific background issues directly. We are pleased to summarize our 20 years joint research experience on VTG, comprising a contribution from Dr Alexander Froschauer (Lecturer at TU Dresden) who is a leading expert in molecular biology of Medaka reproduction.

For the first meeting in web we will address scientific background issues concerning

  • hepatic and ectopic (?) VTG gene expression
  • biosynthesis and measurement in different matrixes
  • differential induction of VTG I and VTG II; consequences for chemical testing
  • biological functions of ectopic VTG synthesis

We offer an avatar based audio interactive platform to answer your questions directly.

Open record webinar VTG 1 here.

Registration for upcoming VTG I Vitero Webinar