Stem cells

Based on our particular expertise in the field of endocrine control of the reproduction of fish, GOBIO has isolated and characterized a pluripotent stem cell line from the brain of a carp. In terms of gene expression, these cells correspond to embryonic stem cells of mammals or induced pluripotent stem cells.

We assume that longevity, regeneration and seasonal reconstruction of the gonads of carp are based on this cell type. Thus, we have a highly innovative model to investigate stem cell biology in vertebrates.

The cell line was transformed into a transgenic variant with stable histone 2B-associated GFP expression (KCBGFP DSM ACC 3285 Budapest Treaty) in association with the University Hospital of Cologne (Prof. Hescheler / PD Dr. Kurt Pfannkuche). The stable constitutive heritable nuclear labeling of the cells in combination with the pluripotency state opens new perspectives in stem cell / cancer research and in vitro toxicology.